eyemaginED consultants work with sites, schools, districts, and nonprofits in four core areas of service. Using four core strategies, we identify needed resources and equip people and systems to ensure effective early education for high risk, high need children from birth through elementary school.

Ensuring Excellence for All: Educating High Risk, High Need Students

Using principles of design thinking and implementation science, eyemaginED's inSite Early Learning services help sites, schools, and districts analyze and improve their program's early learning culture across five inSite Early Learning dimensions:

  • Collaborative School Climate

  • Standards-Based Learning 

  • Evidence-Based Teaching 

  • Rigorous Reflection

  • Culture of Continuous Improvement

Transforming Early Care & Learning: Elevating Expectations, Delivering Results

eyemaginED consultants provide data-driven, engaging train-the-trainer services through workshops and inSite educational leadership coaching. We support centers, schools, districts and education nonprofits looking to maximize child outcomes by leveraging investments in leaders and staff. 

Translating Research to Practice: Understanding What Works (Beginning July 2016)

eyemaginED consultants will help you research your innovative idea and develop a systematic strategy to achieve it. Whether it be mapping the best way to build a teacher pipeline in your district, or understanding the best data sources to collect to answer priority questions, our consultants can help drive innovation in your program, district or state in a research to practice framework.

If your program has recently begun a new program, or is reviewing an existing program, and wants to understand its effectiveness, eyemaginED can help you design and implement a holistic evaluation using both qualitative and quantitative inputs.

Promoting Systems Change: Advocating for Outcomes (Beginning December 2015)

eyemaginED works to influence school, local or broad early childhood policy through critical development and dissemination efforts. eyemaginED consultants can support your program through grant, research or policy writing to help validate and elevate your program's outcomes to diverse stakeholders and prove what's possible with quality early care and learning.

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