Transforming Early Care & Learning

Elevating Expectations, Delivering Results

eyemaginED consultants provide research-based, engaging train-the-trainer services through workshops and inSite educational leadership coaching. Our focus is increasing program capacity rather than simply imparting knowledge, so train-the-trainer services are multi-touch rather than single-point engagements and incorporate didactic, hands-on, and job-embedded learning opportunities.

We support centers, schools, districts and education nonprofits looking to maximize child outcomes by leveraging investments in leaders and leaders-in-training. To best address your program's training needs, we typically begin engagements with our inSite Early Learning Inventory. Workshops and coaching can be customized to support a vast array of program needs, including:

  • Collaborative School Climate   
    • Put Your Time Where Your Mouth Is! Investing in Professional Learning Opportunities for All Staff
    • Professional Learning through Communities of Practice
    • What Just Happened? What's Next? Maximizing Student & Teacher Learning through Vertical Alignment
    • Real Talk! Not All Families Want to Be Engaged - Make it Meaningful!
  • Standards-Based Learning - quality standards, aligned content, appropriate daily opportunities for practicing content/mastering standards
    • Seeds of Learning: Getting Children Ready for the Core
    • Common Core Across the Curriculum
    • Designing a Standards-Based Curriculum
    • Working Toward Mastery: Helping Teachers Build Strong Daily and Lesson Plans
    • Real Talk! Being a Great Teacher Is Not Synonymous with Being a Great Curriculum Writer
  • Evidence-Based Teaching
    • Learning through Play, Birth through Grade 3
    • Aligning Principles with Best Practices, with Fidelity
    • The ABCs of RTI
    • Real Talk! Culturally Inclusive Education is Good for All Kids (and Their Teachers)
  • Rigorous Reflection
    • Assessing & Improving Your Early Learning Culture
    • Designing & Developing Formative Assessments
    • The ABCs of Program Evaluation - What, Why, and How?
    • Real Talk! You Need Excellent People to (Consistently) Get Excellent Results
  • Culture of Continuous Improvement
    • Co-Constructing a Culture of Continuous Improvement
    • Using Data to Inform and Change Practice
    • The Leadership Circle: Modeling the Continuous Improvement Cycle for Your Team
    • Real Talk! There Are Stupid Questions. Continuous Improvement Requires Learning to Ask the Smart Ones.