inSite Early Learning services help sites, schools, and districts analyze and improve their overall early learning culture in five inSite Early Learning dimensions:

  • Collaborative School Climate
  • Standards-Based Learning 
  • Evidence-Based Teaching 
  • Rigorous Reflection 
  • Culture of Continuous Improvement






Ensuring Excellence for All

Educating High Need, High Poverty Students

eyemaginED's inSite Early Learning partners provide customized site, school or district-based consulting through our inSite Early Learning services. Using principles from the rigorous Quality School Review (QSR) processes performed in districts nationwide to support school improvement, our 3-step inSite Early Learning process helps programs serving children birth through elementary school Review, Reflect, and Reimagine to ensure excellence for all students. 

Review, using the inSite Early Learning Inventory

  • analyze program early learning culture index using surveys, focus groups, historical data, classroom observations, and similar program comparisons

Reflect, using the inSite Early Learning Index

  • understand program patterns and trends 
  • highlight strengths, challenges, and potential barriers
  • prioritize areas of greatest need

Reimagine, using the inSite Early Learning Blueprint

  • collaboratively develop solutions (what we want to achieve), strategy (how we will achieve goal), and results (metrics for success, including timeline)

inSite Early Learning Approach

inSite Early Learning Approach

inSite Early Learning provides programs with baseline performance data across five inSite Early Learning dimensions, using a mix of nationally recognized and program-specific tools to support broader comparisons across programs. inSite Early Learning partners know that high-performing early learning programs include both structures and processes to ensure excellence in the following dimensions:

  • Collaborative School Climate -  instructional and teacher leadership; professional learning opportunities; vertical alignment across grades; and family and community engagement
  • Standards-Based Learning - quality standards, aligned content, appropriate daily opportunities for practicing content/mastering standards
  • Evidence-Based Teaching - pedagogy, principles, philosophy aligned with best practice in early childhood instruction...all grounded in the principles of response to intervention (RTI)
  • Rigorous Reflection - targeted, valid and reliable student, teacher, leader, and program evaluation 
  • Culture of Continuous Improvement - commitment to systematically using data and learning from each of the other four areas to improve program and outcomes; structure for using data at all levels

inSite Early Learning lays a solid foundation for improving programs' early learning culture and student outcomes. In addition, partnering in conducting the inSite Early Learning Inventory, reflecting via the inSite Early Learning Index, and creating an inSite Early Learning Blueprint to drive improvement in priority Early Learning Dimensions lays the groundwork for a collaborative and trusting partnership between our team and yours. Together, we customize our services, and all stakeholders have clear metrics to measure scope of work and agreed upon results.