eyemaginED's first op-ed!

When thinking about a name for my consulting business, immediately apparent was my love for acronyms and wordplay! I thought of important words first, then quickly discarded them if I couldn't think of an easy to remember acronym or play on words with which to pair the name. Interestingly, I found acronyms and wordplay equally helpful in teaching my first class of first graders in Washington, DC and my last class of preschool through fourth grade self-contained students with special needs in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

eyemaginED stands for "eyemagine education". This phrase resonated with me because I can imagine the different life I would have without the opportunities education has afforded me, and have seen and experienced the tremendous benefits of an excellent education. As an African American woman from the south, whose great-grandparents were born less than a decade after slavery ended, whose grandparents were sharecroppers or first-generation landowners, and whose parents are first-generation college graduates and business owners, I am the direct descendent of the hope and opportunity made possible with education.

The picture for this inaugural post is in front of a kindergarten classroom my family was blessed to help build in Juarez, Mexico in 2007, and the very happy young girl who would be one of its first students. I truly believe in education as a means to inspire imagination, especially in early education, and that there are countless opportunities for me to serve and inspire others through education.

Those who know me are clear I have no shortage of opinions, nor dearth of spoken or written editorials on topics for which I have an opinion...My hope is that this space will be one in which we can share our similar and disparate opinions, and editorials, respectfully. Post your questions - if I don't have "the" answer, I will seek out a really good one, or at least a really strong and informed opinion on the matter :-). 

Come on in and speak your mind! I want to hear your questions and opinions, and a well-reasoned editorial is always welcome here at eyemaginED!